We work since 2015
TRUMAN Agency respects the values of humanism, democracy and equality while conducting international campaigns in the interests of our clients.
Public Affairs

TRUMAN Agency is a partner of the Swedish strategic communications agency KREAB in Ukraine. We cooperate with over 400 consultants, 25 offices in different countries, and have all the tools for large-scale and point-based campaigns around the world.
Reputation Management

We create, implement and support the desired image of the client in the eyes of the interested persons, the target audience and society as a whole.
Crisis Communications

Strategic communication with society in difficult or crisis situations. We build and regulate relations with groups of influence.
PR - Support of Litigation

We will make your brilliant legal position interesting for the general public, and help to attract the public to support the trial. We level the opponents' public position and keep your reputation safe and sound.
Media lobbying

Your story will be interesting for the top authoritative Ukrainian and world media. Publications in Reuters, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Guardian, Financial Times, Wired and specialized media will increase the significance and public response to any event.
Informational support of corporate conflicts

We create a stable and long-term reputation for the client, which allows us to withstand corporate conflicts of any complexity.

Countering opponents' attacks by changing public opinion in favor of the client.
GR and lobbying

Building long-term and effective customer communications with government officials, political stakeholders and public opinion leaders.