TRUMAN Agency Strategic communications
We create and implement public affairs strategies in Ukraine, USA, EU countries, China, etc.
TRUMAN Agency team brings together expertise from various fields: strategic planning, PA&GR, lobbying and international communications.

The Agency takes into account the current vector of Ukraine’s development to conduct effective campaigns aimed at solving problems of Ukrainian business and opening new perspectives for the foreign companies in Ukraine.

Our values

The name of the company has reference with the 33rd US President Harry S. Truman: in the second year of Truman's presidency, in 1946, the Congress passed the Law on Lobbying. This law defined the requirements for lobbyists, their responsibility and the rules of transparency of their work. After that public lobbying agencies appeared in the United States for the first time. Today, lobbying has become one of the tools for changing the world.

TRUMAN Agency respects the values of humanism, democracy and equality while conducting international campaigns in the interests of our clients.