Instead of a loan. Ukrainian energy sector gets new offers from China – Andriy Suprun

The largest energy credit agreement in the history of independent Ukraine is coming to an end. Ukraine has lost the opportunity to use a $ 3.6 billion Chinese loan, and new offers come in place. Andriy Suprun, General Director of Vuglesyntezgas, spoke on energy relations and prospects of cooperation with China at the presentation of new products of the strategic communications consultancy TRUMAN Agency.

"This loan had a state guarantee. All over the world, this is considered a big plus. On the contrary, the state guarantee was the cause of a large number of restrictions. Now this loan agreement is coming to its end. At the same time, state burdens should disappear," says Suprun," – From the side of China there are already offers to continue cooperation in a new format under the new conditions. Offers have been received and we will use them ".

New joint projects should demonstrate a practical aspect of the relationship between countries.

"We want to implement the project. Let it be a small practical case of 100 million. But we will demonstrate that we not only managed to keep our relations with China, but also showed ourselves as consistent, honest, and also pragmatic partners," Suprun said.

The head of "Vuglesyntezgas" says that in recent years, the approach of Chinese investors to Ukraine has changed significantly. There was a transition from the power-power and investor-power relations to the investor-business relationship. In addition, China is increasingly focusing on regional projects.

"In energy, China is interested in projects for the extraction of natural resources – oil, gas and coal. These are still uranium mines. They are interested in renewable energy, primary resource processing and infrastructure projects in the energy sector, in particular, the opportunity to participate in the construction of infrastructure facilities ", – says Suprun.

Why Ukraine lost the largest energy loan in its history and how negotiations have been taking place with China in the energy sector over the past few years? General director of "Vuglesyntezgas" comments on these on the pages of TRUMAN Report.